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Time for our Mid-Year News from Robin Rive and KiwiCurio. We have lots of special new exclusives to bring to your attention: Neve, Howie, Clarke, Honey Bunny.

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Football Fever

We are in the middle of a Cold snap here in Auckland, but a glorious blue sky day here today.

My daughter loves this topsy turvey world thinking of our friends in Europe enjoying a wonderful Summer and getting up when we are going to bed. We were up at 3am, supporting the ‘old country’ with the Football World Cup going on in Russia. For those in the throws of Football Fever, check out Dribble.

Neve -  a special moment in New Zealands history 

We have created just one bear called Neve to celebrate a special moment in NZ’s history. She commemorates the birth of New Zealands’ Prime Minister, Jacinda Aherns’ baby girl, born last week during Matariki, the Winter Solstice.


Neve 36cm means "bright" and "radiant", as well as "snow".   Our gorgeous girl is made from luscious caramel curly mohair and is soft-filled, ready for plenty of cuddles. She wears a Matau, a special bone hook pendant representing prosperity, abundance, fertility and strength. This is also worn as a good luck charm.

Limited to One only she won’t hang around so click here the picture to take her home!


Come join us on FaceBook!  

We often receive wonderful stories of arcotophile love and loss from our teddy Collectors.  We love hearing about your Beary adventures and fabulous travels.  I know others would enjoy them too so please let us share these gorgeous pictures and stories with the community/our bear tribe.

Just email us or join our Facebook community & post them to share. I’m inspired to start the ball rolling and will look out some old photos.

Stay at Oakdale Farm, home to the Robin Rive Hug 

Come and stay at our ‘tiny’ colonial cottage at Oakdale Farm, 40 minutes South of Auckland, 10 minutes from the gorgeous Pohutakawa Coast. Like our Robin Rive facebook page and we will throw  in some breakfast goodies for your first night. (Click the title to view)

Beary Best wishes from Brigitte and the KiwiCurio Hugsters

Brigitte Rive

Posted: Fri 06 Jul 2018